Tim Burks, Superintendent Walton Construction Company 

"Ian, I would like to take the time to Thank You & your staff for a wonderful job at St. Francis & The Main Street Theater. You guys went above & beyond the call of duty on both of these projects. I would personally like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! May God Bless you & your personal family as well as your work family" 

NBC 41 Action News, Kansas City

"(Ian Byrne) started Byrne Custom Woodworking 20 years ago in a friend's garage after settling in Kansas City from Ireland. “I saw a need for specialty woodworking, custom pieces of furniture, and that specialty piece of work that all those other production shops don't particularly want to get involved in,” Byrne says." 

Kansas City Spaces Magazine

"(Byrne's) business plan was to cater to people "willing to spend the extra bit for a piece of their own design or heritage... He soon met the archbishop and soon had a commission to build a new chancery for the Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas. And it wasn't only men of the cloth who sang his praises. Affluent homeowners whoe wanted custom cabinetry, molding and furniture found their way to Byrne" 

Maureen Galey, Irish Museum and Cultural Center

"Ian, the table is magnificent. Your shop did a beautiful job. Can't wait for our Board Meeting to share it. Thank you so much. Also appreciate your timetable.! We are very proud to give you credit with displays of your name in the Conference Room." 

David Edgar, Edgar Law Firm LLC

"I have been meaning to touch base with you since the furniture installation and delivery here at the office. I am terribly sorry this is so belated—we have been out of the office for, literally, months. After working with your shop, I always have high expectations, but your shop always exceeds those expectations. The furniture here at the office, both my office and the conference table, is absolutely incredible. Thanks again for all of your help; we really appreciate it. Andrea and I will have to get to work thinking up the next project!"

Larry & Kathleen Miller, Kansas City

"We really are extremly pleased with how the new furniture turned out. The styling and craftsmanship are first class, and they are great additions to our condominium. We know that anyone who enters our home will see the file cabinet and writers table first thing, and the furniture will make a dramatic and powerful first impression".